This is not a self portrait.

Neither is this.

I am updating my resume and filling out applications and the sky is greygreygrey and the wind actually just blew the door open. I sent out a couple of emails, trying to forge some peace…which likely will not be effective, but I guess I had to try.

It is remarkable to me how the struggles of small people from small families can be such dead-on micro-representations of all that is wrong with the world. Fear, judgment, lack of humanity or compassion, self-righteousness and intimidation, a sense of authority over space and selves not our own…it destroys everything good for the young ones and the old ones.

Speaking of representation, here’s an old one.

Thank you, anonymous reader, for reminding me of Saltville, (archives, 05/02 – 05/09) – I think I will revisit the creation of fictional worlds. Perhaps I will write a mythic character who screws up her life by trying to prove God by documenting repetitive cloud formations that look like old letters, that way I can call the whole blasted summer “research.” Or maybe I will recall some of my old characters, the ones rejected or put in the wrong tense.

By the way, here are some sounds. Some people would call it utter crap, I prefer “disorientingly lovely atmospheric soundscape.”

Just for the record, it occurs to me that a book deal would be a great thing to hold me in place.
In the meantime, I have to go apply for jobs…

Thank you, kind readers, for reading.

Is there really anything to say?

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