Just for the record, I always write my posts before I view my blog and its devices…because I am committed to not being biased by any potential change in traffic. Though I do sometimes go back and add to them if I feel a clarification needs to be made, i.e. not trying to overthrow the government or disrespect any established system of beliefs in far off lands.

This information (posting before viewing) will be negligible to most, but to me it is actually quite important.

By the way, I forgot to give credit to the two nice mothers who came to visit after I got out of the hospital. One of them, a potter, gave me two mugs – which I forgot to put up pictures of.

It was a very nice visit.

I guess it is a little impossible for people to know whether to get in touch
or not get in touch
or what?

Nobody need feel obligated to contact me at this point, I imagine that people will figure it out eventually.
Or not…

Is there really anything to say?

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