Here’s five minute one-track throwdown, with the all the uneven vocals and fumbled rhythms that such small endeavors entail. I could probably stand to record it again, get it closer to good, but I feel like I should probably go sit in some coffeehouse and draw or something.

I haven’t been ‘out’ in that way in ages…it’s a long story.

As you well know…

Dang, maybe I’ll just stay here, make my own coffee. Wait.

By the way, nobody has proven me wrong yet. Of course, nobody tells anyone…and so the people who could prove me wrong don’t even have a chance…and if I am not wrong, if I am even somewhat correct, people should know, right?


This has really gone on too long. Months!
(Update edit: I appreciate the few ‘votes’ – any input is extremely helpful at this point. Thank you. Really.)

Is there really anything to say?

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