All cloud photos in this post are from the 07/17-18 file. This has been going on for months. I think we should pay attention to possibility. I really hope someone has been paying attention to this.

You know, when I saw that Beunos Aires had visited that archived page, I thought: “Oh, here’s the part where some big oil magnate kills this blog with ease because, as they would tell it, “Some crazy lady is threatening the oil industry with proof of something she calls God.” During the summer, and still, my overwhelming sense was that we – as humans – had done something ( a lot of things, actually) terribly wrong, that what were doing, that how we are living and dying…that something had gone wrong, very badly wrong.

One of the first considerations, after a fairly swift dismissal of the UFO possibility, in trying to identify the possible causality of odd clouds was that the disruption in the oceans, source of so much life, had – by some signal – caused a disruptions in the heavens, spurning the formation of rudimentary cloud forms. I thought about the coast I grew up on, my nat’l seashore park ranger father, everything I loved about the rivers and ocean, all the tiny worlds that came before us. I thought about alligators and coral reefs, about the vast empires that were being destroyed and I felt angry…at people…at all people. I was ashamed to even be a part of this species, for our foolish greed and carelessness. I was honestly disgusted. How could we have screwed up so badly, for so long?

We all know the answer: money and power.

(I know that certain pundits would, if they knew I existed, love to call me a radical communist or some foolishness such as that, however…I mean, guys, anyone with sense can pick apart the puzzle and see quite clearly where the interests lie. Money and power. The force of these factors in shaping our existence and habitat, our history – is enormous. However, the sky is bigger.)

The sky looking like the ocean is priceless and mighty.

I know that at one point I wrote the words, “F*ck off, _P.” after I saw their ad streaming across a youtube video for a really lovely song. I am sure that _P, et. al. know what they should do…stop drilling for and selling oil…it is older than we are, and rests in places that we were not intended to access. It is totally senseless, to damage-on-the-way-to-destroy something as ancient as a global ecosystem over the course of just one hundred years.

That is hideous.

And so, when I visited that archived post – I expected to find the most ranting-est and raving-est post re: big oil, possibly the one that includes the words ‘raping the Holy Ghost’ in reference to drilling actions on the ocean floor.

Yeah, I know. Hideous.

However, that post ‘The Saltiest Dog There Ever Was’ was just a really long and pleasant calmly leaping between story and consideration. It was written sometime in August, you know – when I was so ‘crazy’ – I wish my father had read that post.

It makes me sad to think that, really, it was a stray dog that put all this in motion. From the moment I said: “Well, she’s nicer to me than you are.” and decided to keep her. There have been a lot of misunderstandings, and I am sorry for them all, but I understood that I just had to keep that dog.

She had a bad right hip, just like me. She didn’t limp, but she had a pattern like a bad scar cut through her fur. I always wondered what her story was, where she came from, why she was so afraid of water, how she could be such an earnest and true friend immediately upon meeting, and to then wait so patiently on the beach until I came out of the waves?

I will miss that dog forever, but her arrival and departure were – like most things after they’ve been said and done, inevitable.

I wish I was better at being around people, these days even good people seem exhausting. I guess I just don’t ever know what they want from me, how to be…I guess I just got tired of trying to figure it out.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

I am available for coffee in public locations, but I know I will likely end up just staying here.

Which is okay, too.

Is there really anything to say?

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