I just checked out the long and ranting comp-of-letters and self talk some reader from New York looked at. I do, admittedly, sometimes sound like an absolute nut! That’s what happens when you don’t watch t.v. for years and years and have no social support structure…you learn to keep yourself entertained and comforted the best you can. A couple of those letters were to someone who was, I think, pretending to be woman in a refugee camp trying to get money from me – a person who has no money, but enjoys writing letters. They didn’t write again after it got to the “How much do you have right now?” point and I never wrote back. Either that or she is a real person that gave up when she realized I couldn’t help.

A worthy, thought provoking and, in the end (to me), harmless exchange.

I don’t, at this point, necessarily want to be an innkeeper. My family flipped re: innkeeping. As if, just by my writing it on this (unfortunately unread) blog, it would be like someone would show up and make me an instant innkeeper. Hahahahaha! Sorry to laugh…sometimes there is nothing else to do.

But, I would eventually like to have actual old friends that could come visit – play music, laugh, etc. I do still wish my house were more like a well-tended storybook cuckoo clock, all reds and blues and green, wood brown. Hedges trimmed and porch well swept. Biscuits in oven. It is sort of like that, but the edges are mighty rough. The hedge tall and straggly. The chickens ‘at large.’

I just do the best I can to end the days hopeful somehow.

Is there really anything to say?

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