Here are a couple pictures I took this morning, after I exercised my brain by answering a few questions on a discussion forum and doing a little light research on prophetic figures (not that I am claiming that I’m anything of the sort) in history. They are quite fascinating. I especially like Isaiah these days. I found out about him a few weeks ago, sitting in the back pew of the Varick, flipping through the King James Version – from which a lot of the old ways were written out, but in which oak trees still remain sacred.

I wish that people would just print off some of these pictures for Christmas gifts and forget this whole Black Friday thing that is scheduled, as usual, to occur. Not that I necessarily want the economy to collapse, but it sort of already has – the American people, strained though they are, just keep it limping along. Perhaps Black Friday could be used to go sit outside and all the rich executives could crowd the stuffy malls and figure out how to restructure their industries for the sustainable good of humanity and habitat.

We don’t have to buy anything. That’s the beauty of a free market economy, we don’t necessarily have to buy what they sell us. Most of which we don’t need, or even want. My own children, do – admittedly – want toys. They will get toys, but hopefully it will be within reason. They might just have to be a little bummed that Mom isn’t going to buy them a boatload of plastic.

I haven’t checked out the blog and it’s devices, but I don’t expect much has changed.

Except it has. I know for certain that things will be okay…that I am not alone in this and that I will, somehow, be just fine.

Better than fine, actually.

In fact, I already am.

Is there really anything to say?

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