This is just a sunset.

“Be good or be gone.”

The past several days have been momentous and circular and sweeping.
I will, one day, enjoy telling the stories.

It’s done.

(Edit update: I triumphantly typed the words, “It’s done.” and then went outside and sat on the steps and realized that although some portions may be done, there is a considerable amount left to do and thus I retract my broad-brushedly cryptic statement and replace it with, “I am ready.” For what? Well, for whatever happens to come up.)

I intend to keep writing, revisiting the spaces in between, enjoying the way that lines can be drawn and erased, letting myself sing…because that is what is in my heart to do and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it is perfectly right.

If anyone is interested in what I’m up to…well, as I have certainly said before, I am easy enough to get in touch with.

By the way, nobody has proved me wrong re: possible proof of a universalist and ecosystemic God. Isn’t it interesting that nobody has, to my knowledge, even tried? Sad? Hopeful?

It’s all a mystery, isn’t it? A big, beautiful, tragic mystery.

Is there really anything to say?

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