The content of this blog should be read as a story…a fumbling and seeking true story of a human heart busted and rebuilt better than before. It started as a simple project: to draw a picture everyday for a year. It was through the process of sketch and erase and re-draw that I figured out how to see things clearly and that clarity of sight blindsided me in ways most unexpected.

There is a lovely account of what goes through one’s mind when they re-discover their own intelligence, suspect that they are proving it all and then subsequently realize that nobody cares. It is best read as a postmodern social experiment in pushing benevolent alarm buttons and the crippling surprise of realizing that the sound emitted is nothing more than the clicking of keys.

A lot of it is totally ridiculous…some of it has been damning in ways I never would have anticipated…there is some strange and brilliantly honest thread that runs through it all…humanity?

There is a lot here. It has been an odd little chapter, fueled by some defiant hope. I think I might be moving on…

I wanted to see what would happen if I pushed a little further and now I know…thank goodness I didn’t really go crazy. Some people do, when they push so hard against the walls of the realities that carve us out so coldly.

I think I feel comfortable calling myself an artist now.

Bye, blog…


By the way, I am still pretty sure I proved a few things here:)

Is there really anything to say?

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