Oh! I get it now.


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See, I think my issue was that I hadn’t fully grasped that what is happening HERE is totally as it should be. I have received so many reassurances that I continue to choose wisely in my life.

I went to an AWESOME Celebrate Recovery event today at work. Man, you want to see a movement of spirit – check out radical and recovery oriented wellness modalities. They wake people up. It’s pretty amazing that the peers at work, many of whom are generationally prone to addiction and experientially vulnerable to disorder, well – they GET IT.

I love humanity at work.

So, I am plucking at tendrils of understanding the beautiful orchestration of theme and archetype and am delighted by the details of the stories that seem to be springing up left and right.

I even understand why consensus is so important. If there is one disruption of the investment in positive orientation, then the mechanisms by which movements gather are pushed awry. Consensus is not about saying “I agree to agree in gesture” it is about wholeheartedly investing in an idea and the feeling it generates. Thus, if one feels burdened by the process of a group – if it doesn’t suit one’s particular skills or attributes, well figure out a way to contribute that which is true to you in the best way possible. Work within your lives to expand beyond your lives.

Consensus of feeling is far more important than consensus of codified agreeance.

One thing that I do REALLY appreciate about this movement is that, at its core there seems to be a STRONG ELEMENT of





We were told it was a sin to value ourselves as we are and might be.

Our system of machinization destroys hope, because if we are encouraged to deny what is most strong in us, we cannot VISUALIZE OURSELVES in any worthy situation…we shrink, we disappear, but we never truly die inside…though sometimes it feels as if we may, in fact, be dying inside.

Welcome back to life, my friends.

Mad Pride In ALL.

So, there you have it…

Last fall, when I was thinking about a movement like this, under – in fact – the somewhat bungled impression that one was in fact happening. Not in the form of staged events with defined role and character, but in the subtleties at the edge…I knew something was happening, I just didn’t know when. My life began to feel like a story, as if I’d stepped out of myself and then returned brand-new, confused and scared. I wrote and thought a lot about how I would handle it if I somehow – by providing evidence of our ability to gain sense from our big field consciousness. By explaining that ALL written language was based off of some very special patterns in nature that seem to come around every so often to make shapes and tell stories.

I grew very impatient and tangled in possible explanations for the feeling of exploding birds in my chest – wow…there’s an image:/

I was picturing the great flocks of starlings that gather in the winter trees here. How they cackle and caw cacophony and then – *ALLOFTHESUDDEN* – take off at all once in an audible rush of wings.


Mad Love. Always.

KEEP IT TOGETHER, lose it apart…

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…yeah, I wrote this on my phone…

I love this story.

Last time I loved my story, they took it away from me. I am reclaiming it as of…

The reason I talk so much is because I LOVE LANGUAGE…conveyance. I love to listen to people as well. People who actually interact with me, in a way that is more dignity-bestowing than being an automatic cog in a giant machine, find that I listen quite well when people communicate with me well. Barriers in communication will squash this. We must be able to express ourselves in our own way. Compare consensus with the classroom, it is great for developing skills of consideration, but the process can mediate the experience and dis-orient the energy behind the movement. This is basic social science. Consensus takes mad skills. I am confident that the movement has some amazing facilitators handling the GA meetings and event planners. .

This is the art of the human spirit.

I have events throughout the day, small ones, a quick conversation, holding eye contact, pointing to the sunrise to the other drivers stopped at a stopped light.

Smiling is a pretty big event these days. Hanging out with your family outside instead of at the mall is a really lovely event to participate in. Go for a walk. Look up for a change. See the people around you. Read the street signs of the streets you’re not going to go down.

Wake up. The most important thing is that people wake up and begin to look around. The internet cannot hold this. If you want to do something small scale and need ideas, just ask around. Be creative. I tied a tiny crocheted cloud on a little girl’s wrist at the Firestorm tonight. Then I taught her how to crochet a little. We had a nice exchange. It was really great.

She was seven.

I still remember some things from when I was seven.

Do you?

Thanks, A. – for helping me to recognize it is REALLY about.

Is there really anything to say?

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