Exit Web For A While…Need to Occupy My Life.

People do get strange ideas, don’t they? Remember the war over weapons that didn’t exist. The war we are still, by the way, fighting? What a lousy idea that was, a real disaster…sickening really, that RIGHT NOW taxes are being spent on this tragically flawed experiment in the commerce of human life for resources.
They make us fight so that they can stay in power and have more wealth.

Isn’t that insulting?

Yes, yes it is.
Return to Hypothesisville:

So, it is entirely possible, I just realized that being empowered to interact with people and to help them – being a helper – may very well be genetically wired into us. There are human traits, many of which relate to the way that we tend to interact with the world. What if all these “crazy, depressed” (ummm, seen the statistics lately…we are all in recovery) people are helpers that were denied the power to help, themselves or others.

Being denied a curious sensitive instinct to respond with compassion to the external environment, if you were born with a heart of gold and they blacked it with coal, well – I’d say that is just about the ugliest thing I have ever considered.

Think about it for a minute. Now feel something.




Not only are we taking back the POWER of hope, we are TAKING BACK THE POWER TO HELP.

Love and Mad Pride Always,


Do you remember The BigComeuppance? I do. Check the archives.

Here’s another archive. For a brief and random tour of all that is wrong with modern civilization, look at what it is built upon. This doesn’t even make sense. Whose history is this?

Oh, why can’t we help eachother? Because then we don’t need them. They make us sick and they keep us sick so that we need them. It is some ultra-sick Corporate CoDependent relationship.

Dear Current Systems of Profit and Power,

“Um, codependent relationships don’t really work for me and so we’re going to need to break this off now. I don’t really need you after all. I have friends.

I love my life and, really, the only thing wrong with it is you, Current Systems of Profit and Power. So, yes, I’m going to have get over you. It will be hard. Actually, no, it won’t be hard. It will be far easier than dealing with you any further. Don’t call me anymore, okay?”

Mad Love,


Now that I can finally simply be who I am in the best ways possible without the world thinking I am totally insane. I love getting to walk around and smile at people and still be a little pleasantly surprised when they smile back. I will make an effort to only smile sincerely if I smile, but try to make eye contact no matter what your mouth is doing.

World, let me tell you, I feel you on this and you feel totally broken. I remember when the bubble began to burst for me. ***…*** (see, you wonder what does that mean? Haha:) It means nothing than what you make of it, which ought to be nothing, since it’s nothing. If you don’t understand something it becomes unbearably overwhelming to trust that it is real.

Well, I’ve sort of been-here-done-that with the adjustment we are about to make.

It is quite real…in order for something to be real, you have to bring it outside of yourself and measure with the world. I feel, for the first time in a long time, that I have a bit of community in my life.

I am not isolated.

(Ooooh, fun sci-fi mind trip…suppose they discovered that there are patterns in populations that seem to correspond to time because they’re cyclical…well, now that’s interesting. I mean, with the human genome project and data mapping, I mean they definitely have a better picture of how we, as a species, tend to flow. I mean, they know where the first person came from. Wait? Huh?

Exactly, what do they know?)

I like real life more than sci-fi.

I also like to figure things out.

If you think this is “utter horseshit” well, I assure you that I have A LOT of process and deconstruction and possibility and, yes, some of it is quite useless, some of it is bizarre, but…well, see for yourself:)

This is a beautiful mess, for sure.



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