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By taking advantage of local resources of skill and network, Asheville is in a position to, with only a few primary and gradual shifts, establish itself as a town that will lay down the lines with history and reclaim its best possible future in a rapidly changing world.

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If given the opportunity, communities can, will and do govern themselves. There are numerous examples of neighborhoods and collectives that function beautifully with minimal overseer activity. Often these communities are visible, other times hidden.

Yes, this sometimes takes shape outside of formal law, for example as in the case of violent-gang run neighborhoods or the My-Cousin-Is-The-Sheriff phenomenon.

Powers of Authority: drug dealers or police or the strange authority of family history that is still relevant in many parts of the world. Anything that structures your place in the world in ways that defy sense and humanity.

People want to self-govern our communities and our public space.

People can positively and functionally self-govern. More quickly and effectively if supported.

Look @ Ducker Rd. Community Involvement Council.

Look at the evolution of Occupy Asheville and consider what would be possible with ideological and legislative backing.

We want to be good neighbors, we want a better world for our kids…for our elders.

Who wants to spend their retirement waiting for the world to end?

Who wants to die in this state of tragic failure, major system malfunction?

People are not as a species intended to be caught in quite so many made up arguments?

The people in the paintings on the wall of Council chambers show people who very likely camped out, because space was a resource that you were privileged to use wisely, with respect.

Occupy Asheville has tried to embrace an ethos that is respectful of the land they use. Of course, that ethos is absorbed by the participants to varying degrees and for a variety of reasons. It comes with the territory of having an open door human rights encampment. However, Occupy Asheville campers have shown commitment in trying to hold a functional and positive space and to impart values of tolerance, creativity, respect, and humility to those who participate.

Let’s face it – there are some very negative people in the world. Largely the result of the way people get bossed out of participating in their own lives and in their own communities.

We were not intended to function under constant authority over our movements, activities and resources.

We were not meant to spend so much time indoors.

These are facts, just ask EO Wilson and Richard Luov…and all the others.

Is there really anything to say?

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