Okay, so…recap

2:58 PM (18 hours ago)

to me
My brain is in such a swamp right now. There are at least a hundred different things I could do, and at least a hundred more that I could do.

I feel like explaining again…that nagging need to spell it out in a way that sums it up.

Some days, I forget about the archives…forget about the clouds. Actually, that is not true. Though I do forget the archives, I don’t forget the clouds. I still look at them all the time, measuring and weighing. Watching the wind.

It is some sort of casual (causal?) science.

That is how I first noticed that the clouds were repeating themselves in patterns that defy cloud-mechanics…simple observation. Years of it.

It would have been easier to explain had I not been so thoroughly thrown by the realization that people do not look up anymore and that if they do happen to look up, they don’t see much. Clouds are clouds, birds are birds, the sun is bright.

It has, I think something to do with the way our modern brains quantify our reality. We see (1 tree + white clouds + 3 birds) = a nice day?

I was stunned when I realized that people don’t see the world in the way that I do, and that I do not see the world in the way that they do and that we all see the world differently.

It was all very confusing.

Is there really anything to say?

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