It has been of great interest to see the way that dysfunction at the macrolevel expresses itself at ground-level…stolen pork and angry words, in the simple state of being thirsty and with no place to pee.

The efficacy of the inevitable revolution relies heavily on people’s ability to weave their lives together in coherent, self-reinforcing patterns of perspective and action.

The fact that it is so dreadfully hard for us to step back from ourselves and see through the eyes of others, through the eyes of ancestors and the birds that watch from wires…well, it is a sad fact, a product of what I have come to think of as System Brain: a cognitive/emotive state characterized by brutish short-sightedness and a tendency toward binary opposition and insular ego delusion.

There is so much to untangle, to dismantle and rebuild.

In order for the proper networks to form, we must embrace the destruction of all the notions that have framed our fleeting modern human lives.

Currently, for many of us, our relation to Public Space is tenuous.

We stroll on sidewalks and cross through fields.

Sometimes we stop for a bit, but we like to keep moving.

The notion of a Commons has been building strongly here in Asheville and the discussions have caused me to wonder: if there were a Commons, would we even use it? Do we even know how to be at ease and at home in the Public Spaces of our Cities?

Or have we accepted the slow strategic relegation to the confines of our homes, our offices, our vehicles?

Could we dance and exchange with strangers without feeling as if we were…trying?

…without feeling that we are acting as someone we are not?

Yes, there is a trick there.

We are what we make ourselves, but also what we are made to be. Systems have really bungled our sense of home and safety…and our ability to have fun without feeling like a freakshow.

System Ego?

I like to think back to the time when my brain could not comprehend all the intricacies involved in deconstructing and reconstructing the world, when my head was filled with walls that I stumbled and bumbled into, always kicking and crying.

I try to remembered how it felt when I earnestly began to unlearn, those fragile and fragile days when all the old assumptions/motivations began to seem suddenly flimsy. As the old frameworks crumbled into some simple sense, I found clarity as the dust settled.

I think that maybe people are a little nervous.

We are getting ready to slowly pull all the pins.

I need to remember to write about the weather. It has been warm lately. In fact, it has hardly seemed like winter at all.

Is there really anything to say?

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