I need to begin drawing again…and I am.
Lines form when I sit in meetings.
Faith Rhyne 9:27am Jan 11
Mmmmm, reality bubbles…

I think for most of us, reality bubbles are a survival mechanism.

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.”

Really, I don’t even know if our minds/hearts are even wired to recognize truth anymore.

If human populations were remotely oriented toward Reality, wouldn’t we all be stark raving mad and weeping over the tragic outrage of it all?

On second thought, I think people can and do handle the truth, all the time.

They handle it by not seeing it, not feeling it, ignoring it because there is no room in their day to address the absolute horror and sorrow that Reality is built to contain.

Wow. This turned into a tangent.

You know, I noticed back in 2010 that the ads on my google sidebar corresponded to the content of my messages.

“Dear so-and-so, I think I figured out
what God is…”

Ad: Get an Online Degree in Divinity

Silly algorithms, they make a weird world for poets and innovative geometers.

A comment on the loveliness of the branching and crystalline patterns of information dissemination can get you a good price on pruning shears and a Precious Gemstone Jewel.

My point is this: due to orchestrated digital presentation based on individual expression (for example, if you Like this post, that tiny bit of data feeds into the stream that determines what shows and what grows…) allows for each of us to have a different and distinct digital reality. There is, of course, plenty of overlap – particularly in groups.

Big bubbles and little bubbles…make for
a lot of foam.

If one has ever observed a congregate of bubbles, it may have been noted that they all join together at the same angle ( I believe it is 60 degrees, a lovely angle…yielding, an open hand) and that they tend to drift toward one another.

Hope your day is well. It is stormy here, with thunder and winter lightning.

“if the green grass is six and the soybeans are seven junebugs are eight and weeds and thistles are 11 the ones just hold the place, the zeros make a smiley face when they come floating down from heaven”

Is there really anything to say?

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