I guess this sort of thing is nothing new.

This is from a million years ago.
I was going through pictures trying to find a picture of my shanty sculpture retired chicken coop. It’s old news. However, it still stands.
I look at it every single day.
I apparently took these cloud photos in late 2009. I have photos of clouds and skies going back years, decades even. In every roll of film, there were always pictures of clouds and horizons.
I guess this sort of thing is nothing new.
I remember noticing these clouds because I thought it was interesting, the way they were scooting across the low foreground of the sky.
It was constructed almost entirely out things I had laying around the house and I didn’t saw anything until the very end, when I cut some strips of blue:
…and nailed them to the side of the structure for the purpose of suggesting waves.
It was interesting to let the component form dictate the shape of the structure, a successful experiment.
It is a bit strange that, nowadays, it takes me a week to finish even one piddling project and I threw this thing together in no time flat. I lifted the boat myself.
It had black widows all over the bottom of it.
I accidentally touched one, but it didn’t bite me.
I was lucky.
Thus, the name of the sculpture is Hand of God (untitled).

Is there really anything to say?

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