IN PROGRESS…all ways…

Have a beautiful day in whatever small or immeasurable way possible.

I have come to find immense gratitude in the small occurrences that tell me the Multiverse is working on the world and that somehow even Katy Perry is High Art.*


I love that God is a Dadaist. A Constructivist. A Surrealist. A Temporalist.

That is what it is all about.

Working with the media at hand.

They were trying to deny this simple and wondrous reality when they made up apophenia

…well, let me just say that there is a strange brand of manic depressiveschizoaffectivebipolarwithpsychoticfeatures that is definitely a class of its own…Oh, it’s not much…except a new diagnostic category that in its existence destroys mental health as we know it.  Same intelligence profiles, same dx, same

sensory/social/emotional processing issues, same brown eyes that turn green as we get older? same connected earlobes? same lonely sense of confused purpose?


How’s your shirt? This really got me thinking. The shirt worked. This is sort of vague and rantish. There are thoughts in between these thoughts. Sometimes I start controversial blog posts as facebook comments. Have a nice evening.

I really do appreciate your views on reproductive limitations. I get it. You’re probably pretty smart.

The way I see it is this: there are two worldviews: the functional species-system worldview and the humans-are-the-most-important-things-ever worldview. 

Yes, I know…this is dangerous territory because it is from this that all sort of ugliness about genocide arises. 
Yeah, implied good/bad gives a definitely bad feeling. 

However, once you get past that and consider the fact that we have denied nature in some horrible ways, prolonged death and thwarted life and disproportion is everywhere…well, you’re right. 

The planet and the systems we’ve created out of the love and hatred of our own species simply cannot support our species in the way that it perhaps could have, a long time ago…before our tragic egoed free will got the best of us and we turned the history of an entire flipping universe into a tragidrama about US. 

So, yes…there are too many people and they aren’t living as humans were intended to live. Yeah, I know…it is the implication of an absolute or a better way is the basis of fascism. It is a very dangerous door, a bad meme container. Still, I tend to evaluate things on the basis of functionality and effect. It’s pretty simple really. We fucked up. We broke the world. There really ought to be fewer people. 

Education?  Will that save the world?
Eh…yeah. Maybe? 

The reason the world is disproportionately populated is because we 21st century humans are the products of some really bad experiments. If natural cycles are not allowed to play out, aberration occurs. Eh…yeah, this is starting to sound like eugenics-talk. I don’t like that. Bad bad news. Listen, folks…it’s simple science. Cause and effect. You cannot beat that simple truth. If you socially breed people toward particular attributes, those attributes…ugh, I really can’t stand eugenics. However, I do understand it, from the detached perspective of someone who is looking only at the function of an ecosystem. 

So, what do we do?

The only thing that seems fair to me is an equalizing catastrophe. Which is horrific to even think about.

Then again, we could just persuade a global collapse of the cultures and systems of patriarchial power, try to re-distribute resources wisely and hope for the best. That is the option that I, personally, prefer.

In this experiment, we are ALL INNOCENT.  Except, of course, for those who aren’t innocent, mostly governments and corporations.

Is there really anything to say?

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