Big Electric World

Throughout history, we humans have suspected that perhaps we are electric. Interestingly, awareness of our conducivity and connectivity has been excluded from our common knowledge. We know that we are able to have our heartbeats tracked and our brainwaves measured. However, the fact that these measurable truths of human physiology are rooted in electrical activity is often overlooked.
In the case of neurological activity, it is almost entirely reliant on electro-chemical interaction. 
Imagine a pleasant game of pinball, the silver sphere is electricity, the lights and buzzers receptors and transmitters.

We know the score because it is calculated for us.

 All human sense is rooted in our interpretation of electrical activity. Even taste relies on ions, a molecule or atom that is uneven in electron distribution and thus having a positive or negative charge.

Do we remember Michael Faraday, the Greek word for going?

It is electricity that causes the hairs on our arms to stand up in a cold breeze, tiny signals that contract tiny structures.
However, it is in the sense of hearing that our electrical mind is most well illustrated. Mechanosensation is the automatic awareness of the environment external to us.2 In the case of hearing, vibrations (waves) are channeled through our ear canals and cause ripples in the small sea contained within our cochlea. These ripples are transduced by miniscule receptive hairs and the electrical signal is sent to our brains for interpretation. 
 It is very simple.
We know that our environment contains plenty of electricity. We have seen lightning, haven’t we? There are extensive archives of geomagnetic activity, a force which is inherently electric in nature. Do we think that perhaps we can have our heartbeats and yet not be affected by broad environmental activity? 
Are we able to accept that our minds rely on electrical activity in order to create our conscious interpretations of reality and sense? 
 It has been proven, in the most basic understandings of our physicality, that this is the case.
Why then, do we not ever talk about it? Why is any talk about energy or physiological channels assumed to be “new age” and is scoffed at?
We feel the world around us. Some of us more than others, apparently. It is entirely possible that the voices heard by people who carry the devastating diagnosis of schizophrenia are interpretations of environmental stimuli. The way that our minds contruct meaning is very signal based. We make correlations without even trying. Perhaps sometimes people learn to read the signals incorrectly, give frightening voice to the waves that they can’t help picking up? 
Sometimes, understanding how something really works makes it less frightening.
I suppose that, in a world built by Systems that rely on the subjugation of human beings, it is best to leave the masses in the dark.  Not for long, though.  Too many people know.  Thank Goodness.
This will be continued.  Until it is known and understood, this will be continued. 
There are certain patterns, certain waves, certain frequencies…some are very special.  
People need to know.

Is there really anything to say?

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