not anonymous and the existential child

Hacker Wars

Please consider this an open letter to Anonymous, from someone who is not anonymous. Members of Anonymous issue open letters all the time. We have come to expect them. However, what is becoming increasingly clear is that these open letters do not necessarily represent Anonymous as a consensus based collective. 
In fact, it seems increasingly clear that some of these open letters (…or videos…or utterly useless data files…) have been issued by individuals and small splinter collectives of several members, perhaps two of whom may have stayed up all night smoking marijuana and giggling about how awesome it would be if…

It seems also that some nefarious opportunists have used the flurry of righteous hacktivism to enable their own pursuits of ill-gotten gain, such as credit card numbers or book publishing contracts.
In following the recent feeds of some miscellaneous Anonymous-related profiles, one sees a variety of content and character. Some of it appears to be somewhat obnoxious, and much is quite useless to those who are not Anonymous.  It seems that Anonymous and the anonymity that comes with such an affiliation presents to some a rich opportunity to indulge in childish, divisive, and selfish fits of communication, largely for the purpose of satisfying one’s boredom. 
Those of us who are not Anonymous certainly understand that such impulses occur, particularly in times such as these.  However, because we have our names and the true character of our persons to look out for, for the sake of our credibility, based on what we define as credible, we must conduct ourselves in such a way that we are accountable for the folly of our ways, be they spoken, written, or acted.
We are real people. We cannot, as some of you have, simply disappear and reinvent our character. We have to show face.
It is understood that many members of Anonymous are, in fact, some of the greatest revolutionaries of our time. I love those folks. What I, as someone who is not anonymous, decidedly do not love is the fact that a bunch of tech-school drop-outs are sullying the work and reputation of what really is a world-class operation.
I understand that Anonymous is valiantly trying to provide foment and fodder to the Global Revolution. Their role in shaping the future of our history is tremendous, as their actions expose evidence of the broad-flaws in our collective culture-based reality.

As someone who is not anonymous, I thank them for that.

not anonymous

In Other News, The Existential Child

It is as if you know you’ve done something, set a course in motion somehow and all the rhyme and reason collides in a tingling of the arms and a quickening of the breath, a resonance below your beating heart.

One could, based on what was happening then and what is happening now, say that I seem to have participated in setting quite a bit in motion.

That happens. 

I’m charming. It will all work out fine. 

Okay, maybe I’m not so charming. Charm is a  highly subjective quality.

I am, however, honest. I can’t really lie. I never could. I have a very logic-oriented brain and if things don’t make sense, I experience them as untrue. I don’t like things to not be true. Untruth creates cognitive dissonance; It feels like a bee in my bonnet. 

Philosophers seek the truth and I am seeking the truth about philosophers…

I wonder if having a truth-oriented brain has anything to do with the way that the processes of intelligence are oriented?

Gardner figured some of this out, but stopped short in the implications. It has been acknowledged that the kinesthetic child in the static classroom may suffer a conflict with his or her environment. Have we failed to acknowledge the way an existential child may experience the modern American culture of childhood?

I think most children are somewhat existential in nature, as they must, in growing up, learn to consider the frameworks of life and death in this world. However, some children ask Why? more than others and their faces become clouded when they cannot understand the given reason for something being the way that it is. They begin to work at the problem, learning what they can about its history and musing about what would happen if…? 

The Existential Child understands cause and effect and can’t help but to see the way it all works.

What is a lie?
We’re all liars.
Is that a lie?

Honestly, things will work out just fine.

Is there really anything to say?

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