Well, of course I am going to blog my trip to Occupy the American Psychiatric Association. I left yesterday from North Carolina, after work, and drove through the night.
I think that it is necessary for my wellness and sense of person to drive all night at least once every ten years, to make the push to travel far for something that is important to me.
So far, the high point of the trip has been driving into Philly and feeling deeply that this city is filled with angels. It must be all that brotherly love.

Regarding angels, I think they move via 528Hz and songs on the radio.

Here’s the first tweet I sent out upon arriving:
@faithghost: “I hear voices all the time” “I ain’t settlin'” “an accident of grand design” I LOVE 92.5fm Philly! Occupy APA! #occupyapa #Radio
These are lines pulled from country songs that remind me of what makes sense.
Nearly every big decision I have made over the past year and a half has been made with consideration to the wise counsel offered by whatever happens to be on the radio.

As I was driving into Philadelphia, I was looking at the billboards and one, a nonsequitor, stood out. It was just a statement and web address. I’d LOVE to do a public mutual aid project – simple billboards with simple statements e.g. “Trust Yourself” and a website where people could respond to inquiry prompts such as, “Tell about a time you trusted yourself.” and share insight and ideas about what, for example, trust even means in this day and age.
This idea may have already been hatched by someone. It bloomed in my mind upon remembering a rooftop in Portland, Oregon that overlooked a big highway interchange. Hundreds of cars drove by every day. “What if I painted Trust Yourself on a big sheet and hung it from that roof as a banner message? What if someone was driving by and was caught in some decision and that simple message told them what they needed to hear?” I loved to think about all the different ways those two words could work themselves into stories and, thus, the history of the world.
It might be worth a Kickstarter. If anyone want to help or say, “Yeah – go for it! This country needs for public mutual aid!” email me:

Also, as I was driving, I was looking around at the sad and smoggy derelict world and the imagining what this land must have looked like a few hundred years ago. Reality.
Everything you see on television is a grand illusion to feed the grand delusion. It’s a shame that not many people realize this. Oh, certainly they say: “Honey, the stuff on T.v. isn’t real. It’s just make believe.” However, because television is designed to be believable, people believe it.
Our realities are bought and sold.
Me? I haven’t watched television since post-09/11. It was just too upsetting. Then I had children and I couldn’t stand how their little eyes would get pulled to the blue screen in restaurants and airports. I didn’t like what they were shown and so I taught them not to watch. They have no interest in television now. They don’t even really care much for movies.
They, like me, are not watchers of the screen.
I realize that, by abstaining from television for a solid decade, I have put myself in a reality that is quite different than those experienced by watchers. I don’t know or care who is on American Idol. I don’t keep up with war news by watching pictures of warfare. I don’t need my stories shown to me. I’d rather read them or listen to them or, best of all, live them.
This weekend marks the first time in 11 years that I have traveled alone. Driving alone through the dark of Virginia last night was filled with stories. They came in the fog and unrolled with the road.
I love my life.

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these are just notes, because it is good to take notes at times like these, when you’re awake in your car in a town far away and there are only big trucks on the highway.
This is the first time I have been out of town alone in 11 years. That’s a long time. I am on my way to Occupy APA – to meet up with some folks that I mightily respect and stand up for something I believe in – which is that we all have the right to define our own experience in a way that works for us, so long as it does not  deny another person their rights. I believe that the culture born of modern psychiatry and militaristic commodity inherently denies people this right by labeling some subjective attributes/ behaviors as being more highly desirable than others. I’m tired. Oh, if this seems like a strange facebook post, no worries…because I sometimes start blogposts as facebook comments – though this is the first wall post ramble – it’s all the same…bits and pieces of the same story, which is me, Faith Rhyne, who is finding some resolution to old problems and who cannot wait to pick her kids up from school and take them to the dentist on Monday. Goodnight, All.  <3

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