3 thoughts on “addendum to addendum: June 27th…it is just the belief in a god that discourages questioning, if I believe in anything, it is the power of question.

  1. Nice that you've added back the ability to comment. My deal with God is that she/he/it either exists or doesn't absolutely regardless of my belief. Belief is for ourselves, and we either do or don't depending on our mood & needs.

  2. Thanks, Jim. Totally true. Yes – I tend to believe in things I can capture digital images of. Insects and clouds, an occasional reptile. Whatever gets me through the day…amazing the weight a skink can carry and the grace a thunderstorm can impart.I consider myself lucky (?) to even have the chance to consider such things. (May as well feel lucky…some people pay good money to feel crazy and isolated…) Urgh.I try to keep ya'll in my thoughts, but…hard to keep my mind on much…Okay. Oh, Jim…I am really busted. Really.Since noone will read this, can I say that I'm scared? Sorry.

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