Yup, I’m serious.

I saw that Dakar had visited and I really, truly, might be one of the most brave and idiotic people on the planet. I don’t know any French, but I studied Arabic for my Lebanese grandfather and I see that Dakar has some Arabic speaking populations.

Mostly, I am concerned that some lunatic man or another will come across this blog and it’s suggestions and decide that I am someone terrible…which, as we all know…I am not. So, I used the international opportunity to put into place another little brick in my fortress. The bottom portion of the last letter (lower left) is half cut off…it is one of the loveliest Arabic letters, in different form depending on where it lies in the word.

The letter says, in rough translation: “I’m sorry to offend. I do not intend disrespect. Thank you, goodness willing.” I wrote ‘goodness’ instead of God, because I didn’t want to offend by writing a holy name. Just for explanation…

If anyone wants to speak to my old Arabic professor, he is a good man and easy enough to find. My transcripts are posted somewhere in early September. He speaks Hebrew as well.

There are many very intelligent and good-hearted people in the world.

I think most people are fairly intelligent and good-hearted…scared and confused by the state of affairs, exhausted by supporting an economy that doesn’t support us or anything that is vital to us…but, intelligent and good-hearted, nonetheless…

By the way, someone did send me a Nat’l Geo. link re: new types of clouds. Very interesting. I will post it in my next cloud-oriented post.

When/If this breaks, someone ought to tell me…otherwise I won’t know…though I hope that people are good, I am still fairly – okay, very – wary of them…

I have always said that if you see a way that you could do something to help and you turn your back on the opportunity that is, in my mind, something very much like sin.

People have had a lot of terrible ideas, small and hateful, massively gruesome…and I will not be diminished or harmed for trying, in my small and quiet way, to declare that sense is possible if we are willing to to consider the errors we may have made.

And if this doesn’t break…and the world goes on destroying itself in the name of fleeting journalism and the power of profit…well, at least I will have tried…and it does make a good story…much better than the one that was being written for me, by people who are terrified of bravery and who would prefer I just be a blandly compliant whisper.

I am plenty quiet in my walking and talking life…it’s funny, I hardly say a word these days and, still, I talk too much…

However, you cannot deny me my hopefulness, nor my spirit, nor my intelligence. I am doing nothing wrong.

In fact, I am doing the right thing.

So, there…

By the way, it also is quite important to me for my kids to have a record of who I actually am…I have no choice…I will not sit by quietly and be erased and made small, sick and petty…I am none of those things. I never really have been. I cannot stand up for myself in 3-D life, or I get pushed back down by judgment and doubt or convenient terms for complicated minds…so, really, what choice do I have?

Is there really anything to say?

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